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Commonly used terms on the Snap Send Solve platform
Commonly used terms on the Snap Send Solve platform

Learn about commonly used words and phrases on Snap Send Solve

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You might have noticed some words and phrases we use at Snap Send Solve are a little different. We care about the community of users and organisations on Snap Send Solve so we came up with our own, unique way of describing them.


A follow-up in the app to asking a Solver for an update on a Report


Tool used by subscribing Solvers to manage Reports


The request for action on an issue sent by a Snapper to a Solver


A Report e.g. We received your Snap!


The user who captures an issue and sends a Report

Snap Send Solve ID

The ID number listed on a Snap Send Solve report that has been sent (found on the confirmation email and in the Reports tab in the app)


The resolution to an issue raised in a Report


The organisation responsible for resolving an issue including local councils, utilities such as water and electricity providers, supermarket retailers, universities and government departments

Solver ID

The internal reference number provided by the Solver (separate to the Snap Send Solve ID)

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