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I'm a Solver. How do I reassign a report?
I'm a Solver. How do I reassign a report?

Easily reassign reports not meant for your organisation

Updated over a week ago

Snap Send Solve determines where a report is sent based on the location and incident type entered by the Snapper. Occasionally, you may receive a report that’s been sent to the wrong place. If this happens, you can use the Portal to reassign the report to a different Solver.

To reassign a report:

  1. Ensure you have verified your email when opening a report.

  2. On the right side of a report, you will see a Manage section. Click on the drop-down list underneath Status.

  3. Select Reassign.

4. Click on the drop-down list underneath Reassign to. Select the correct organisation from the list.

5. Click Update. If you can’t find the organisation you want to send the report, please email us at

6. The Message to the new Solver field must be filled in with a short description on why the report is being reassigned.

Click Reassign.

7. The Snapper will get an update on the Snapper's report Timeline in the Snap Send Solve app. In addition, a they may also receive an email, message notification, or both, depending on their chosen Notification preferences.

Need more help? Get support from our team by emailing us at or sending us a message.

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