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How do I send a Snapper an in-app message?
How do I send a Snapper an in-app message?

Communicate with Snappers in the same place you've heard from them

Updated over a week ago

Solvers with a two-way API Integration can send in-app messages to Snappers to provide updates on reports.

In-app messaging makes it easier to communicate with Snappers in the same way they sent a report. It’s convenient, easy to use and means you don’t need to change platforms in order to engage with your community.

When an in-app message is created, the Snapper will receive a notification with the update. It will also appear in their report timeline in the app for future reference.

We’re also working on some exciting new features, which will allow you to send a message directly from a report. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months!

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