How to I delete a report?

Find out how to delete reports you're no longer interested in

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Want to clean up your report history? Remove reports you’re not longer interested in? Delete reports in a tap.

To delete a report, you need to close your report first:

  1. Tap on the History tab at the bottom of the app

  2. Select the report you’d like to delete

  3. Tap on the Update button

  4. Select Close as solved or Close as unsolved. Follow the steps to close your report.

Once the report is closed, you’ll be able to delete the report.

  1. Tap on the History tab. Your report will now be located under the Closed tab.

  2. Swipe left on the report you’d like to delete.

  3. Tap on Delete (which will appear in red).

Once a report has been deleted, it can not longer be reopened. However, records of each report will still be available in the confirmation emails sent to your email address.

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