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How do I send a report when I get home?
How do I send a report when I get home?

We make it easy to send reports, even if you're no longer in the same place as the issue you want to report

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Using Snap Send Solve means you can send reports from home, work and anywhere you can access the internet.

If you don’t have time to finish a report when you see an issue, you can easily finish your report later.

To send your report once when you arrive home, you need to:

  • select a photo of the issue, or

  • set the report to the location of the issue

1 .Select Photo

The quickest way to send a report is to upload a photo of the issue you’re reporting.

When you Select Photo at the beginning of a Snap, the app will automatically use the location data from the image you selected.

2. Set The Location Manually in Two Ways

If you:

  • don’t have a photo of the issue, or

  • your photo doesn’t have a location attached to it,

you can manually set the location of your report.

Here’s how to to manually set your location:

Dropping a pin

You can drag and drop the pin on the map to the location of the issue.

Enter the Address into the Search Bar

Type the address of the issue’s location into the search bar above the map.

Try to include photos in your report as often as you can. Attaching photos often increases Solve rates, even for issues like noise complaints.

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