How do I send a report?
New to Snap Send Solve? Learn how to send a report
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1. Start a report

Tap on the Snap button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Set the incident location

If you’re sending a report from the same location as the incident you’re reporting, your geolocation will be automatically detected as part of the reporting process.

If you’ve moved away from the location or you’re reporting from home, there are a few different ways to can update the location of the report:

  • Select the Use photo location on the map screen

  • Drop a pin of the issue location on the map

  • Type the address into the Search Bar.

Once you’ve set your location, tap the Confirm button on the top right hand corner.

3. Set the incident type

Select the incident type best suited to your issue. If you have trouble finding the incident type you’re looking for, you can use the search bar at the top of the list.

3. Add photos

You can add up to five photos of your issue.

We recommend adding photos in order to give the relevant Solver as much information as possible about the issue and its location.

If you selected the Use location of photo feature on the map screen, you will see the photo you added on this screen. You can also add additional photos in this step.

4. Add an incident description

Add any additional details about your issue to help the relevant Solver better understand your issue.

Tap on Next in the right hand corner.

5. Review and send report

In the final screen, review the details you’ve entered into your report. When you’re finished, tap the Send button in the corner.

We recommend sending one issue per report. If you’re reporting multiple issues, it’s best to send a separate report for each issue.

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