How do I set my report location?
Learn how to accurately set the location of your Snap Send Solve report
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Setting an accurate report location is important. Solvers rely on location information to fix your issues faster. The beauty of Snap Send Solve is that we seamlessly pinpoint the location of your issue when you're sending a report.

There are four ways to set your location:

1. Using geolocation

If you’re creating a Snap at the same location as the issue you’re reporting, your geolocation will be automatically detected when sending your report. Remember, your location services need to be enabled to utilise geolocation functionality.

2. Dropping a pin

Drag and drop the pin on the map to the location of the issue.

3. Search bar

If you know it, type the address of the issue’s location into the search bar above the map.

4. Photo location

Tap on Use photo location button on the map screen and select a photo from your library. Once selected, we can utilise the information saved on the photo to set the location. This is a great option if you’ve moved away from the issue while creating a report or you want to report once you arrive home.

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