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How do I set my report location?

Learn how to accurately set the location of your Snap Send Solve report

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Setting your report location accurately can make all the difference. Solvers rely on location information to fix your issues as soon as possible. The beauty of Snap Send Solve is that you can pinpoint the location of your issue when you're sending a report.

There are a few ways to set your location.

Take Photo

If you take a photo at the start of the report, the app will automatically set the report to the location where you took the photo.

This is the best option if you’re at the scene of the issue and want to send a report straight away.

If you’re having issues, check your location data is turned on, and that you have given Snap Send Solve access to the location.

Select Photo

When you upload an image at the beginning of a Snap, the app will automatically gather the location data from the image. If the photo was taken while location services were active on your device, it will have stored this information.

If your location data is on, but your photos still don’t contain location data, check your Camera Permissions.

This is the best option if you’ve moved while creating a report, or you want to report later from home.

Continuing Without a Photo

If you select Next on the bottom of the screen, you can continue your report without uploading a photo. Snaps have better Solve rates when there is a photo attached, so we recommend uploading a photo if you can.

If you select this option, we will set the report location to your geolocation at the time of making the report.

Set Your Location Manually in Two Ways

If you’ve selected any of these options but your location isn’t quite right, you can adjust the location by:

Dropping a pin

You can drag and drop the pin on the map to the location of the issue.

Enter the Address into the Search Bar

Type the address of the issue’s location into the search bar above the map.

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